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Pick up your bags at the NMC 2006 Summer Conference.

Tomorrow night’s reception opens the 2006 NMC Summer Conference, my first one having crossed the line from mere participant (which is a wonderful experience from my previous experiences at 4 previous NMC cons), to behind the scenes organizer (and gofer, and sign setter-upper, and bag stuffer and session planner and….)

The blogging here is likely to sputter as things go into high gear tomorrow. Pre conference institutes have been going since Monday over at the Case Western Reserve University Campus (a gorgeous lush place I have seen mainly from the window of a van) and continue tomorrow. I have been tapped to lead a hands-on workshop on Pachyderm, of which I have been crash coursing the last few days, producing my first real, more than tinkering project (it is still got some bumps to wrinkle out and will be linked soon).

I’ll be changing the theme of some previous flickr tagging, if the reason is not blatantly obvious.

After a day full of set-up and trying to find ways to help people navigate the routes in the non-linear Peter B Lewis building, it was a treat to have a hilarious and fun dinner with Bryan and Rachel. We took a recommendation for an ethnic restaurant close to the hotel, and ended up at Sergios… we sat at an outside table, looked up, and saw something familiar across the street– that curvy Peter B. Lewis building!

Oh well, the brain cells are headed towards oatmeal, and I am looking forward to the conference kicking into gear tomorrow. Hopefully the tagging will pick up as well and I am on the prowl for some informal audio interviews for our podcast section.

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