My laptop screen is officially DOA. My shipping box to send it back to Apple’s intensive care unit should arrive today so I can send it off before I leave for vacation at the end of the week. When I was on the phone with Apple, they kept asking me if the effect was “re-producible” and I outlines the times it has gone down:

* Using Windows on BootCamp when I shut the lid instead of Windows ShutDown
* While looking at the screen in the middle of a telephone call -it flashed and went dim
* Overnight, while the machine was asleep (when I put it to bed, the light was on, when I woke it up… dim.

But now I do not have to reproduce it since there is no way I have been able to revive it. Yesterday, in the middle of an online session in Second Life, the screen just went out again. “Excuse me while I bump around and cannot chat, my screen just decided to go for a powder”. Nothing that worked previously (letting it rest in shutdown state for more than 10 hours, multiple PMU resets) would work.

Since I have no clue, nor doubt I will ever get a response (it has been suggested that Apple Employees Cannot Publicly Comment), I am looking for something in exchange for this inconvenience– my machine never experienced any problems until Apple replaced the logic board in July, that has put me, with estimate for the next go around, 4+ weeks without the computer to perform my work. What would I be happy with? At a minimum– give me new, working machine, with my hard drive and RAM from this sick puppy. And if they want to toss in a 60 Gb video IPod to assuage my woes, I’d smile and accept.

If anyone thinks this will happen, I have some beach front property near Ajo, Arizona for sale. I call it Twisted Melon Ranchero.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your woes. Have you tried to digg this story? Get it out there and known, maybe get some help. I have listened to you talking about your Mac for awhile. i would have gone postal long ago :)

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