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It's not everyday
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…that yours truly comes second in a beauty contest.

This happened a few months back, but was reminded when iw as organizing some directories on my laptop. I’ve been spending some time recently in Second Life, drumming up events and activities for the NMC Campus — it is insanely curious, interesting, yet hard to quantify what the “there” is “there”, but you feel it there.

My SL hobby is taking in world photos (they are NOT screenshots, damn it flickr!), and over the summer I stumbled upon a notice for an iphoto contest at a virtual gallery.

The theme was “water” and I tossed in two photos [1] [2]. This is done by uploading the images (you save them as BMP files to your computer), which cost L$10 per upload, and then dropped them on the profile of the avatar who was running the contest.

I showed up in time for the announcements, like a nervous little poodle:
At The Photo Contest

And it was kind of cool to see my photo on the wall:
Hmmm, Nice Angle Here

And even better when I found I had one Second Place!
Woo Hoo Second Place!

So on the spot I collected my L$200, which might be about 67 cents in real world mone, but it is just as satisfying as drawing that yellow Community Chest card.

Hey, winning is winning, right?

I might go SL shopping now and buy some new bling.

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