Wikispace Wonkiness?

Is it just me or is anyone else having trouble accessing their Wikispaces sites?

I am scrammbling to post content for a session I am doing next week for the K12 Online Conference, and for the last few days, Wikispaces is unable to keep track of any of my wikis- in editing, I am asked to continually log in, and 9 out of 10 times, I am diverted from connecting to ANY Wikispace site to www.wikispaces.com. I’ve been dumping cookies and taking out the cache, but it continues to behave wonkily. It has repeated this behavior on 2 different computers.

Just trying to figure out whether it is my own computer/connection issue or if is is happening elsewhere, but am in a bind and may need to set up wiki camp elsewhere.


Update: It appears to be an issue with my Hughes satellite connection (what a surprise?). I wrote a message to help@wikispaces.com and got a response (actually back and forth, 2 messages each way!) in less than 10 minutes. How is that for help, I love it. I have to dabble with disabling the local web proxies on my net connection…. Hughes=headache :-(

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