I guess I’ve had nothing to write.

Actually, my attention has been corralled elsewhere, with multiple daily posts for the NMC Campus Observer with our 12 day Second Life Symposium on Impact of Digital Media. I’ve been recording all of our streamed live audio sessions, making sure chat transcripts get posted, taking tons on in world photos… the candle feels not only burned at noth ends but right up the middle.

The big ramp up continues tomorrow with a live video stream from the MacArthur Foundation’s public launch of the big digital media series that these activities support. And then… even more… on Saturday, the NMC Second Life Campus features a live, in world keynote by Howard Rheingold on Pedagogy of Civic Engagement. Earlier in the week, we had Howard in world to test audio and the slide controls– he’s definitely in the camp of having a spitting copy avatar:


And this again, is a lead up for next week’s two day NMC online conference on … Impact of Digital Media, a more “traditional” online conference– we are calling it the “flat web” compared to the immersion and 3Dness of the Second Life environment. but the online conference has some stellar acts on the program, including feature sessions by Ulises Mejias, and keynotes- another one by Howard Rheingold and another one from danah boyd. Registration lines are now open…

Also finally in the can is my “presentation” for next week’s K12 Online Conference. The word is in quotes since it is maybe.. “Small Presentations Loosely Joined” as I have scattered my content among free web services. I tried some new things, and will be able to reveal it early next week.

Though it is not all that hard to find.

And in between all of this, my marathon training continues, miles piling up with 12 this weekend, a hilly half marathon the following weekend.


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  1. The press briefing was really amazing! And thanks for sharing the technical information with some folks from the TechSoup group.
    I replied to your video with a video in YouTube. Good luck with the conference.

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