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[NMC Regional] Town Hall on Future of Scholarship

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Town Hall on Future of Scholarship
Town Hall on Future of Scholarship
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Visual facilitation by Rachel Smith, NMC.

NMC 2006 Regional Conference hosted by Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

The Thursday morning special event at the NMC 2006 Regional Conference was a town hall meeting- “The Future of Scholarship: A Visual Conversation”.

This theme was one of the three tracks of the conference, and a more strongly growing area of NMC interest following our October online conference:

How is the nature of scholarship changing? Emerging media and tools offer opportunities for all areas of scholarship to diverge from traditional forms. What are the possibilities for research, publish, and project development?

We had a great deal of response and participation from the audience.

This session was faciliated and captured by the amazing talent my my NMC colleague Rachel Smith, who generated 3 large sheets of ideas, connections, etc. This content will be summarized, and likely form the basis of a new NMC Publication in the coming months.

Town Hall Photos

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