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[NMC Regional] Welcome Reception – What the Web 2.0 Demos

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Welcome Reception - Flickr Demo
Welcome Reception – Flickr Demo
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NMC Regional Conference, San Antonio Texas

At the Wednesday opening reception for the NMC 2006 regional conference, we not only had great food and drink, but 8 different demos related to “What the 2.0 Are We Talking About? New Web Demos”, where colleagues I arm twisted gave informal hands on demos to anyone who wandered by.

It was rather energetic the whole time, and thanks go to:

In addition we had a great warm up activity, thanks to NMC colleague Rachel Smith, in which participants did “people tagging”— they had to pick 3 “tags” to describe themselves, and then find at least 5 people who could sign their slip of paper who had the same tag, all tossed into the bin for some Adobe provided prizes. The room went crazy, and forgot mostly about the web demos.

Welcome Reception People Tagging Activity
Bryan Alexander and others are “people tagging”

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