Woah… Drawball

Wow, I have stumbled into some amazing, attention distracting things recently! I am not sure I can describe drawballl (not that the site explains, but hey, somethings need discovery). The “Ball” is a giant round piece of canvas, where people can go in at a very small scale and draw, draw, draw will colors, creating small bits of art of a fine scale. So you start out a great distance:


So you move a circle around and click to zoomin several levels to see the micro level patterns:


I think that the site keeps a record of all pen strokes, so the drawings can be peeled back in time (you see this animated in the “Hall of Fame” area).

Apparently, the site owners keep an out out for “good stuff: and try to preserve it.

But I must admit, I just got abig smile out of their opening agreement screen, which I messed up twice before realizing I was being too reflexive. You’ll have to visit the site to see what I am talking about.

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