Well Scott, since you asked for it, a few weeks late, I did a hasty screencast this morning of poking through my Google Reader feeds, not as quickly as D’Arcy did with his use of Blogbridge.

But I did pick up on Dr. Norman’s method, and got me a copy of iShowU which seems to do a nifty job of screen/audio recording on Mac OSX — it does not save as Flash, but I crunched it a bit in QuickTime Pro to knock off some MB weight (for a smaller dimension movie, I switched my screen res to 800×600 and did full screen at that set).

My Google Reader Screencast [10.3 Mb, 6:03]

I am still utterly humbled at the masters of screencasting — it is very much an art to not only get a great recording, but to orchestrate it so as to be interesting, not a fumbling mumbling ramble, or not a snoozer. Maybe next year….

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  • Nice job! It takes me an embarassing along time to do a screencast – it isn’t necessarily plug and play. I’ve had to resort to hollywood metaphors – write a script, do a storyboard, set up the scene, rehearse the lines, shoot it, edit it, produce it ..

    My polished ones are here:

    My quick and dirty collection here:

  • D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net

    Heya, Alan. good screencast! thanks for sharing it.

    iShowU can actually scale as it records. The one I did, I left my display at natural resolution (1280×1024) and set iShowU to record the whole thing, but to scale it by 50% when saving the QuickTime file. Makes it easier to manage without losing real estate, and it’s still readable enough.

    There’s also a key combo for starting, pausing, resuming and stopping recording. I forget what it is off the top of my head, but IIRC, they’re exposed in the menu that’s available when your display is set to wider than 800px :-)

  • Scott Leslie edtechpost.ca/mt

    Hey, thanks for doing this! I know this probably seemed rudimentary, but personally I found it interesting. Looking at the way you are using Google Reader right now, it seems awfully similar to how I use Bloglines except around the read/unread posts feature. I am going to give Reader a second chance but I am still straining to see the advantages. Not so much with BlogBridge, the one D’Arcy demo’d – I can see how using the ratings system can make for a different experience. And I think using Reader with tags might create some differences too. Anyways, I think this screencast will become another small piece in showing new users how to effectively deal with the information tsunami in front of them. Cheers, Scott

  • I tried the scaling, D’Arcy, it seemed to give me one of those framed areas that scooted around with my mouse, but I did the thing in a one take hurry. Will try again. And it as Command-SHift-S to start and Command-SHift-T to stop. There is also a option that hides the software when you start, so you dont have to edit it out of the movie.

    I crunched it through ST pro to cut the file size in half, it knocked the soudn flat, but 20 Mb seemed fat

  • D'Arcy Norman darcynorman.net

    Scott, what if you tag feeds with stars in Reader? you could use “*”, “**”, “***”, “****”, and “*****” to emulate ratings… I occasionally do this in del.icio.us to “rate” my bookmarks. Then, I wonder if you could make a view that showed all items from feeds tagged with each * rating?

    Alan, you can turn off follow-mouse, and lock the recording region into place. It’s a checkbox on the settings panel for each preset.

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