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A Tree Swims in Arizona
A Tree Swims in Arizonaavailable on flickr

Hmmm, did some aerial agent drop this Christmas tree in our yard? Good shot! It landed in the pool! At least someone got to use the pool this year.

Okay, actually we put the tree in here. On the advice of 2 different friends, it is suggested a good day’s soak in the pool will help the tree last longer in the Arizona dry climate.

"Hey! No rough housing in the deep end!"

While on one hand, we’ve been soaking Christmas trees in a swimming pool, I was rather unusually surprised to take a peek at the only flickr pool I started, and after a few years of contaiing 3 images from me, has grown to a collection of almost 600!

The In Camera No PhotoShop pool, a place for photos that have captured an effect that looks like it was done in photo editing software, but was created only in the camera process.

This includes reflections, intense color patterns, slow shutter blurs, more refections, painting with light, and clever macros, to link a few.

Wow, this is so cool, my own obscure pool!

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