Office Pano
Office Panoavailable on flickr

For Ewan who asked politely for this….

This is a stitched panorama of my office dine in a pile of haste before leaving town for a cross country trip. I did a quick series of overlapping photos, and not even done nicely pivoted form a good central point, put turning from left to right. I then used the amazing Autostitch tool, one that automatically takes a series of sloppy pano shots like these and ties them nicely together.

It’s a windows only program, but I ran it on my Mac in Parallels during the plane flight from Phoenix to Atlanta, and then did a bit of the warp filter in photoshop to try and even out the vertical lines.

This room is actually about 12 feet square, and my back is to the closet door.

The flickr version of this has lots of notes attached to the image.

Linktribution to D’Arcy for mentioning Autostitch.

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