I’ve waxed often on my love of Google Reader and of the personalized, gadget/widget laden Google Home page, but now I am all googly about Google in my Google.


A few days ago I added the module for Google Reader to be a part of my Google home page:


This sits along side the other ones that show my a peek inside my Google Calendar and another that does a list of Google Docs I have. Not bad, not so earth shattering.

So the one that does Google Reader gives you headlines, ok. And you can have it display from a selected tag or folder. Neat.

But I found out by dumb luck clicking, that clicking on the title of a story, blows it up into a half pop over bubble– Woah, Neo!


So you could paw through all your fees without going into the reader, and see a full exploded view of the story, without a daft Snap preview of clicking to the site. Boom! Way cool.

Just too much. Google in a google next to a google of googles.

I bet your grandfathers RSS reader does not do this.

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