Thanks to a for:cogdog tag in from D’Arcy, I am currently auto messaging my Twitter account just by publishing this post. Nice! Now I might keep twittering a bit longer.

This is done by courtesy of Vicissitude’s Twitter Updater WordPress plugin where you can specify your account, what activities it triggers updates for, and embed the title of the post in the twittering.

Nice! Smart! Simple!

My bashing continues…

I doubt there will be something that updated my LinkedIN profile when I blog because (1) LinkedIn has no place to put some trivial frivolity beyond a choice of a whopping 4 urls you can add to a profile; and (b) there is no open API to LinkedIn.

Score Twitter: 42, LinkedIn 3

Maybe reduce the score, the darn plug in did not work

Third try- the Twitter settings have 2 different save buttons, so i did not save my account info when I set all the other options.

Yay! it works! I can twitter as I blog and it costs me no time at all. I’m also dabbling with a Second Life script sent to me by Kisa that might allow my Second Life chats to be twittered.

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