DFW Dash

Ponderings likely not worth reading… What is traveling without inane stories of airport mishaps? What is an appropriate way to answer the question when someone invariably asks, “how was your flight?” — do you want a flight to be anything but uneventful?

It was not until I was on the plane leaving a gorgeous sunny day in Phoenix (typical spectacular views of the Superstition Wilderness Area, as well as Saguaro, Canyon, Apache, and Roosevelt Lakes) that I notice my flight to Raleigh included a layover at Dallas Fort Worth airport with about 55 minutes in between. Not good. I’ve had to do the dash from A39 to A1 barely making that on a sunny day. And DFW was dead center of thunderstorms.

So no big surprise when we landed 40 minutes late. We taxi-ed right past my outgoing plane idling at gate C8 (they refused to let me hop out) to A34… not too bad, looked like a brisk walk would get there. Uh oh, I am 2 rows from the back of a packed 757. Slow going. Dodged interference of slow moving swaying tourists over the longest labyrinth of a gangway I have ever seen. Break into a full sprint in the terminal.

While going past the info desk where terminal A becomes C, I stopped just in the hopes my flight was delayed. Why is it never late when you need to? the lady asked me, “Destination?” “Raleigh (huff huff) I blurted. “On time, 4:15!”

And luck was shining, as a guy driving the passenger cart heard me say “Raleigh” and he stopped his cart and waved me on board. Got to the gate with a few minutes too spare (not enough to grab lunch). Another sardine can where I am 3 rows from the back. Next to a couple that speaks no English, one has bad breath, and I watch as they pull out tupperware after tupperware of bread, fresh cut fruit. Grrrrrr, that’s not the engine purring.

Get to Raleigh 30 minutes late. AlL i need to do is grab the luggage, and call a hotel shuttle. but all the bags circle and circle and circle and mine just aint there.

Now wait in line with other haggard, luggage-less passengers, 7-10 of ’em. The lady behind the desk is confident mine will be on an 11pm flight and they will bring to the hotel.

What can you do? Getting PO-ed still leaves you without clothes, cell phone charger, and toiletries. I might show up tomorrow for an EDUCAUSE meeting unshaven, in jeans, tennis shoes, and a not so business attire dog print shirt.

On a brighter side, I met up for beers tonight with Cyprien Lomas.

And even brighter, for people who just shake their heads in disdain about twitter, there are small happy consequences. Shelly saw my tweet about heading out here, and emailed with a cc: to a former Maricopa colleague who is now with UNC, so we’ll now get a chance to meet up Wednesday. Twitter is all about connections and networks, and you cannot really sort it out on the sidelines.

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  1. Hey Alan – just got in to Raleigh for the conference (for what it’s worth, I came in on a small 50 seater from Toronto – not sure if that’s any better than your experience :)). In terms of Twitter – I haven’t had the “connection” and networks you talk about – I use it mainly for “persistent presence” with family (assuming in my own vanity that they actually read it).


  2. If you get here, it should be enough of an experience ;-) How wonderful we finally get to meet! See you later today.

    My luggage did arrive, it seems like it sat out in the rain a few hours, but at least I have some clothes and a razor ;-)

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