How Long is a “Moment?”

This “moment” on twitter has lasted at least a week:


The ‘moment’ might be, “How long until out über cool technology is bought by Google/Rupert/Yahoo/Microsoft/….”?

Pity the poor start up that cannot be munched for 1.65 billion.

And pour me another ’57 Chevy.

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  1. Hmm, now see, to be utterly (and annoyingly) pedantic here, had it said “IM is down FOR the moment, then yes, I’d agree. But “AT the moment” is perfectly descriptive.

    Doesn’t make things good of course ;)

  2. Touché, my lack of proper grammar got me again. I guess they would not put in big fat caps, “IM is down at the moment, AGAIN”. ;-)

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