Here’s a toast to the last reader of this blog, after most others likely have chucked it from their RSS boxes and scooted it off the blog rolls. Heck, and my list of unread feed items stretches down to Ecuador. So hello to the last lonely reader of this dog tired blog……

It’s coming up soon on the 4 year CDB anniversary and somewhat fitting since Brian, D’Arcy, Jim Groom, and I are planning a small online event to banter about web tools and such. We started reflecting on the state of the EduWeb when three of us did the Small Pieces/Technologies Loosely Joined back in June 2004. Wow, how long ago that seems! Then it was blogs, wikis, and RSS and today…. well there is just so many many more small pieces.

So as much as I hate to, I likely have a bot of back blogging to do, going back to last week’s EDUCAUSE Focus Session on Immersive Learning environments. And in the next weeks, much more on the work that’s been consuming. Beyond that, thinking again back to 2004 when I had but a single blog, on a regular basis, I have 2 personal blogs, 3 more running sites at NMC, about 5 MediaWikis running there, and I’ve lost count of all the social networking things I’ve signed up for (not being all that social), and trying to find reason and time to be tweeting.

But enough bantering about why the posts have lapsed, not that anyone beyond Cadu really cares. And she doesn’t either.

On we go….

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