Aw shucks, it’s like Navin R. Johnson discovering he is listed in the phone book, I find I am small icon listed on TwitterPoster:



Can you find me? I am three rows below Justine, who with 5226 followers, is supersized. I swear she is looking at me. I think she likes me….

Ego-googling is expired- subscribing to technorati feeds of your own stuff is tired…. and twitter poster is wired!

WTF? Why do I have 440 followers? Who are you? Why are you following me? Creepy! Some of you have bad breath!

I’m sorry, but I rarely even look at all the twitter bacn that comes to my inbox, and I usually dont follow back. I’m not being snobby, and its not that I am disinterested in your own twittering, its just… well, if I did follow 500 people I would end up reading them all. Okay that is a weak excuse, so all of you are likely now to stop following, and demote me to the bottom of the big list.


The post "Me and Justine on the Twitter Poster" was originally pushed out of the bottom of a purple jar of Play-Doh at CogDogBlog ( on November 2, 2007.


  • corrie


  • The number of followers one has on Twitter is not necessarily a reflection of your popularity. If you follow half a gazillion Twitterers, half of them will follow you back automatically. In this way Twitterposter can be easily gamed, and it will be interesting if it will cause more people to increase their number of followers just to get a better ranking.

    Personally, I only follow friends, who’s day to day activities and thoughts I am interested in, or people who have something interesting to say, or who point to interesting resources.

  • J.D. Williams

    To weird. I had been looking into ways to use in my classroom and came across this: Now your talking about her on your blog. People that completely open up their lives to anyone on the Internet to just watch them. It is amazing the type of technology they are using to get that stream out, but I don’t know what it says about our society that enough people have time just to sit and watch someone else that is usually just sitting in front of their computer. I understand it on Skype, because its a conversation, but not so much on that web site.

  • D'Arcy Norman

    right now, you’ve been moved to the immediate left of Scoble, appearing to look over his shoulder. much less enjoyable than hanging out with iJustine…

  • Hi alan,

    Just thought I’d tell you that the linked word Twitter Poster, actually points to, which is nothing.


  • Pyesetz the Dog

    Who are you? Why are you following me?

    I am a software engineer recently moved to Canada.  I have a blog that is supposed to be blog-themed but yours is much better.  You are, like, so connected and with-it!  I’m still programming in C and Assembly language and such.

  • Thanks Kat for catching YATA (Yet Another Typo by Alan). It has been fixed.

    Spending a weekend without twittering or doing anything on the net at all, I may have been harsh on all of the strangers looking over my shoulder, so I am thinking about periodically following a few to check ’em out and highlight them. Same thing we do as bloggers.

  • Well I have ‘followed’ you unintentionally via web searching long before meeting you because you continue to work on projects that appeal to me. Since interacting via Maricopa employment I now periodically ‘follow’ you intentionally by searching for cogdog or NMC and your name.

    Given that my tech quotient has been rather low this past year (primarily due to web maintenance responsibilities) I haven’t embraced delicious, twitter or any RSS tools.

    As for 2nd Life, well I’m doing my first workshop in this virtual tool on Thursday

    Hopefully I can follow the directions to set up my account and avatar.

    More will be revealed (like it or not)


  • We follow you because you have all the fun. And this way it almost seems like you never left Maricopa. Beside I know you. What’s really creepy is following people you don’t know. I do that too. :-) I like creepy! It’s fun.

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  • Thanks Alisa! I miss ya, tweet me so we can do lunch or coffee.

    And yes, “creepy” yet still “curiously attractive” to follow.

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