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The content inside the StoryBox is growing nicely- as of today I have:

  • audio recordings: 55
  • documents: 7
  • drawings: 6
  • graphics: 4
  • music: 13
  • photos: 195
  • videos: 65

Much if it is mine- I am adding something almost every day, and where-ever possible doing audio recordings of people, both friends and strangers I meet. Just yesterday, I was at Broadway Roastry in Saskatonn, and a guy came up and asked about the Laughing Dog Brewery t-shirt I was wearing- he said he had just started working in local brewery (oops I forgot which one) and he let me record a brief conversation about the craft. I have recently also recorded a drunk guy in a bar telling us a joke, the lady working at the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum, ambient street noise in Saskatoon, a bit of an overhead conversation at a Starbucks…

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

But I’m also getting some from places I visit; D’Arcy Norman and his son shared a bunch, as did Rick Schwier at his house, and I got a great video from Doug Symington. There are a few photos that I have no idea what or where they are.

I’m hoping to have some future opportunities to try out some activities in a meeting/workshop session. From the folks I have been meeting, some ideas are emerging. There’s room for more.

First of all I am again taking liberty when files come in to provide descriptive names like “monks-walking-down-street.jpg”, “rainy day.MOV”, “windy day lake.MOV” I am also organizing the content into sub directories, instead of having a huge single listing- the sub-directories are by media type:

  • audio recordings
  • documents
  • drawings
  • graphics
  • music
  • photos
  • videos

For the ones with audio files I have a script that generates a gallery page and em embedded media viewer; for the image file ones I am generating a page with image thumbmails.

Preliminary ideas include:

  • As simple as an open discussion on browsing the media- without any context, the image of say the biccyle ride leads to questions of where it is, who it is, what they are doing etc.
  • Create an activity like Five Card Stories, e.g. create a story from five images, or select say, 5 pieces of media that have a common theme.
  • Challenge people to do a remnix story based just on the content in the StoryBox- since you are on the local network and not the Big Interent, you cant be googling for media.
  • The public anonymous chat on the storybox has some potential- maybe I could chat in a URL to a piece of media (the local address is something like http://piratebox.local/_photos/beer%20and%20abandoned%20drycleaning.jpg — there could be chat based discussion or group storywriting from the prompts? Or maybe O could run a script that inserts a local URL for a random piece of media.
  • Scott Leslie suggested something that would turn the audio on the box into a local stream- I could see one that gets the names of all audio files in the directory, shuffles the order, and generates a dynamic playlist URL
  • Scott and I also discussed some wacky ideas for trying to use a geographic location algorithm to connect media.

This are all rough; I am really eager for more conversation to spawn ideas.

Oh, and there is always room on the box for more stickers. D’Arcy Norman’s family helped cover the box, and I can see layering it with more, so the photos capture an ephemeral view. Two stickers are off limits for covering up- the one for the piratebox logo and the ds106radio one

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I am rather excited by all this, because it is emergent.

Oh- c’mon, share something will ya? It might take 60 seconds. See

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