I awoke today wondering, that if in today’s mankind digital age, a stellar website is needed for all kinds of businesses?

Is there a place I can post my own information on the internet? How can I get a stunning design but also a great under-the-hood engineering that leads to reliable seamless functionality all the time?

Is there such a thing?

And then, like karma, the key to enlightenment arrives in my inbox:

Oh Nitin you are my savior.

You, the emissary of the cockroach world that poops all over the internet, what a noble profession you must have, sitting down each day to make these grandiose offers to complete strangers?

Thanks for also including your selfie pic

I’m saving my quarters so I can make that long distance call. Enjoy the treatment.

Featured Image: Roach – 02 flickr photo by siamesepuppy shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

I like how the caption informs me “Despite popular opinion, roaches are very clean.”

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  1. I just spit coffee all over my monitor (that was displaying your stunning and seamless blog site) when I read this. Thanks for the laugh Alan!

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