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MERLOT: The Buzz (and the next day effect)

A little bit of echo to Brian’s analysis of our conference ending session on RSS and Learning Objects. You can find the paper there as well as a hefty 6 Mb PowerPoint (if I have time, I will at least post a MS mangled HTML version), plus there is a streaming quicktime version too.

There seemed (from the front of the room) a buzz of interest and people were at least sitting forward in their chairs instead of snoozing. Stephen took in good humour our reference to “the oracle.” And hats off for Michelle for playing the part of “Lora” and showing up to the presentation.

I really hope people can go back and start on the same discovery of the power of RSS for staying in tune first with information in their interest area, and then thinking about how it can be integrated into their online materials and/or use of learning objects (no matter what defintion you can slap on them)

I regret having to rush right out at the close of the session to try and dash to the airport for a 2:00 flight. A small tip for Vancouver Travelers- forget the pokey Airporter Bus (it was 20 minues late when I gave up) that makes a billion stops. I was able to grab a cab and get to the airport in 25 minutes (thanks to a silent but agressive driver) with a risky 2 hour window to stroll through US Customs.

But then…

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MERLOT: Online Faculty Development

Friday, last homestretch of the conference.

Collaborative Usability Evaluations with IDEA Online
Rachel Smith

(Comment- this is a very cool, Carl Berger “cooooool”, resource. Sign up, submit designs, and join their evaluation group. The system itself is well designed)

Asked for hand raises of faculty, staff, who designs online content or learning objects. Then… asked for who had professional training in interface design (one hand raise).

Hence reason for the IDEA Online project – a web site resource for getting feedback on interface design from any submitted site. Currently has 60 members.

Started as paper based checklist… ended up being 60 pages! Seemed more efficient to move online.

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MERLOT: EduBloggers Plus Beer

There was a significant drop in weblogging activity this evening, starving Stephen’s MERLOT conference feed, as D’Arcy, Scott, Brian, Greg, Stephen, Bruce, Alan (plus Michelle but she may not want her blog linked… but we know where it is ;-) downed some ales and swapped stories over at… um… what was the name of that […]

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MERLOT: RSS SPOTTED (film at 11)

Well, no fanfare, no big announcement, just an utterance at an earlier web services presentation, but here in its full glory, a true blue MERLOT RSS feed for… the ten newest items in physica. No secret that David Carter-Tod had an early clue- they are using his RSS News Center tool, another RSS to Javascript […]

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MERLOT: Federated Searches

“MERLOT Focus on: Federated Search Technologies”
Martin Konig Bastiaan

Waiting for the overview, background slides about federated searches. In a nutshell, use web services to spread search and retrieval across multiple sources.

But the three dollar (Canadian) question- will they put a URL on the screen of a MERLOT RSS feed?