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Seat of the Pants iSight Demo

Later today I am doing a risky demo at our Ocotillo Online learning Group Meeting. Most technology is a risky in demo mode– here I am showing off the two-way desktop video capability of Apple’s iSight/iChatAV. I’ve got a good number of people, both in the Phoenix area and scattered across the US, Canada, even […]


Print Styles for MovableType Blogs

One of my main reasons for using MovableType (MT) for blogging is that most of the blogs I read that seemed well designed, structurally and graphically, had MT under the hood. And the pages produced are clean HTML, even XHTML validat-able, and the templates use CSS sensibly too (as opposed to osme other blogs that are still publishing cruft table-laden HTML, full of extraneous divitis, font tags, etc).

But while they look great on screen, full of nice colors, MT blogs do not print well, especially if you opt for the cool grey background/white text style sheet (e.g. “stormy”).

Ironic isn’t it? An appication named “MovableType” is missing a key element to make it printable. Sadly, it is a fact, that despite our “modern” digital age, a lot of web pages are printed.

So in this post, I will describe how to add a print style sheet to your MT blog so that when the pretty pages are printed, they come out readable. And this is without needing a “print friendly” icon, just the brawn and power of CSS.

This came into play when I ran the workshop yesterday, our the “blogshop”, as I wanted to provide paper handouts for the step-by-step instruction sections…

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RSS in Governments

This one should grow.. RSS in Government: In this site, we’ll monitor creative uses of RSS to provide information to the public above government information and services…. There seems to be a connection or at least a lot of content from the Utah State Library site that has a great RSS tutorial but they seem […]


Go, Blog. Go!

godog.jpg Out of coincidence, I was recently reminded of one my most important, early literary influences. No, not Dickens, not Dostoevsky, not Thoreau… it was P.D. Eastman’s timeless classic, Go, Dog. Go! (GDG).

In fact, I still have a copy of GDG in my office. Not the one I had as a kid, all marked up with crayons, ripped, dried food, and shoddy, no this was one in pristine condition I must have picked up later in fond memory. We were having an office lunch conversation about great books for young kids, and I remembered GDG, and loaned it to a colleague with a child just starting in his own reading adventures.

So yes, the dogs got to me as a toddler. But there are so many parallels between those madcap, partying, busy multi-colored dogs in GDG and the crazy blog world now…


3 Blog Spam Roaches Smashed

Just when you thought it was safe to blog…. 3 pairs of blog spam comments came in over night, and STOMP, STOMP, STOMP, they are gone thanks to Jay Allen’s MT Blacklist plugin. But the pattern is disturbing. Each of these came as faked comments to the same 2 blog posts, likely ones that have […]


Blog Spammers Getting More Desperate, More Subtle

Now that MovableType bloggers can feel slightly more protected from weblogs comment spam thanks to Jay Allen’s MTBlacklist plugin, do not feel like this will drive the pesky spam-roaches away. Remember that their whole goal is to insert their viagra, porn, rip-off sales, etc web site addresses into your pages as it improves their Google […]