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NMC: NOLA Blogger Panel Session

Digital in the Wild: Community Using Technology in Post-Katrina New Orleans NOLA Blogger panel session at NMC Regional Conference at Tulane. A panel of five community activists (Ted Cash, Bart Everson, Alan Gutierrez, Sandy Rosenthal) will present their perspectives on how the levee catastrophe in New Orleans catapulted the need for digital information and communication […]

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Power of Old Media in New Orleans

Opening keynote for the NMC Regional Conference at Tulane is Words and Music, Crafts and Costumes, Ritual and… Radio: The Power of Old Media in New Orleans by Nick Spitzer, of American Routes “the radio program from New Orleans devoted to the sources and symbols of blues and jazz, country and gospel, roots rock and […]

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NOLA Bound

Evening on Bourbon Street posted 4 Oct ’05, 9.51pm MDT PST on flickr I really like New Orleans. And I miss it. I’m off tomorrow early early for a flight to New Orleans- this week is the 2007 NMC Regional Conference hosted by Tulane University. C’mon down to the Quarter! (also trying desperately to see […]