Those low down dirty Bloogz

We always need more search engines, eh?

Here is Blloogz which has no “about screen” but apparently walks many blogs to fuel the search tool. Not being sure, if this cogdog was “bloogz-ed”, we added our URL to the crawl.

Searches produces long lists, but page loads were a bit on the slow side, some hitting it looks like of a stats.php file. Or maybe it is everyone on the net lookign for Arnold jokes.

Anyhow, some interesting stuff came up on a
search on learning object: 2905 results. Gulp.

In an un-Google fashion, you cannot have phrase searches, so you getg results that have both “learning” and “object” though there is some sort of relevancy ranking at work. The “posts” links on results ae supposed to find posts by the same blog author in the Bloogz archive.

<tiphat>tip of the blog hat to EduBlog Insights</tiphat>

P.S. The title for this post is a nod to my favorite local radio show Those Lowdown Blues with Bob Corritore

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