Business BlogShop (or how I slept through that day in profiteering class)

I musta been sleepin’ that day they covered bizness models. Here them smart folks in the Windy city offer Business Blog / Weblog Workshop by BloggingWorks

One day workshop on how your business can harness the power of weblogs to improve efficiency and communication.

a smokin deal at $395 per suit, err head. At what are we chargin’? nuttin’?

Here us dumb ole simple ‘edukators’ offer a free, there for the stealin’ (“CASE” it! Copy An Steal Everything) BlogShop even a Canadian flavored one, and there is a wiki-based one, oh look another Canadian one… all open and free? Are we dumb or what? Really? there is beach front property in Nevada? Sure, I’d love some of that snake oil!

What will you learn? How blogs can:
Make your site stickier
Strengthen team communication
Manage company knowledge effectively
Help you interact with current and potential clients

Oh, gotta get sticky all over my blog!

The workshop will cover a variety of subjects including:

Real world examples of business blogs (including intranets and extranets)
Choosing tools & how to customize them
Blog writing, design, and linking tips
Blog features: commenting, archiving, searching, etc.
Setting up your blog: a walkthrough

Wow, cutting edge! Revolutionary! Like who would be dim enough to give this away when we could get 4 C-notes per Barnum that walks in the door?

Like I said, I slept through all that stuff in proift margins, bottom lines, buying low, yadda yadda…. I am committed to giving away just about everything I’ve spun on a computer the last 16 years.

What a fool, eh? Maybe to the accountants on the 38th floor… but for the things, people, opportunities that have come back to me… priceless.

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