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Sometimes technology is just playing around. I am guilty of that for the last 45 minutes. But with a curious interest in the now fringe-world of “moblogging” (mobile blogs, or accessing blogs via mobile phones), I stumbled across WinkSite, which allows anyone to create a web site / blog that is accessible via a phone-like device, as well as an emulator via a web browser.

“Why would anyone do this?” The age old reply to that famous dog question is, “because they can”.

Before the details, though here is the credit string. I started reading about the interesting social phenomena of camera phones “Oh My! News by Million Camera Phones” posted by Brian, which he nicely credits to the source at Smart Mobs, and skimming around there, realized that I needed Howard Rheingold in my aggregator (ker-plunk), and right below the syndication links at Smart Mobs is this curious link to WinkSite, and there went the next 3/4 hour, setting up a new WinkSite for CDB (note this URL does not seem to get you there in Safari browser, you may have to manually enter the wiinksite id 3719).

I added an image link to winksite via what is now getting a link heavy right side nav bar to the CDB dog house…

wink site

However, I found the cut and paste code from WnkSite to be, well feeble. But the link they provided simply plopped me to the home page of winksite, rather than opening the nice litttle emulator window I could from their site. So I rolled up my HTML sleeves and went to work.

First, you need a pop-up JavaScript function to work in your HEAD, slurped from the winksite source:

And then re-writing their Cut and Paste from a cheesy pop-up in a new window:


Well, there it is- a little pop up that goes to a mobile phone emulator. There are many more things winksite allows you to add, but more time is needed. My “SmartMob” IQ is pretty low right now, but there is the potential, and perhaps one day, a few years from now, mobile phone services in the USA will reach what they were in Korea in say, 2002.

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  1. Hmmmm. Alan. Unless I misunderstand what your saying . . .

    The link we provide wrapping the graphic: http://winksite.com/index.cfm?emulator_popup=3719 (as well as the mobile link to your site http://winksite.com/cogdog/doghouse actually takes you to the WINKsite homepage AND pops up your site in emulator view (emulator_popup=3719 passes your Site ID to a script on our homepage, the mobile address is also mapped.) Perhaps pop ups are turned off in your browser? By keeping the frameset info on our site we can make universal changes to the emulator/desktop version layout. Why? Today for instance we are launching a choice of skins for the emulator and the frameset size is changing. If everyone “slurps” that code and embeds it on their own site we would have to find everyone and ask them to change it. What a hassle for you guys. Right? Anyway I hope this makes sense. If you want we can chat about it on AOL IM, ICQ or the like. Would be happy to straighed this misperception out. Oh and the reason I can to you weblog – Thanks for the mention and welcome aboard. Every voice is important. Cheers, Dave Harper

  2. You are correct, David. I forgot I had the pop-up blocker turned on. However, consider that many people are using blockers, so some suggestion may be needed on the Winksite home page.

  3. Right on Alan. The whole pop-up thing has it’s drawbacks with pop-up ads being such a bother these days (too bad – we added skins today!) We’re looking to provide a standard weblog version as an alternative. The pop-up started off as a way for people to get a better idea of what they could do from their mobile – it has since migrated to a collaborative space – mobile-to-desktop-to-mobile – so some changes are surely in order. Also, have you had a chance to play with the “embedded” version that can live in your sidebar?

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