Coming To a Browser Near You: 2 Presentations on PhotoBlogging

I have two presentations looming for the April 20-22 Teaching in the Community Colleges 2004 Online Conference, both related to creating online content out of primarily digital images. The wraps are still up, the ink is wet, and the typos run freely, but it is falling into place nicely.

I am fishing for some folks that might be interesting in testing my set up and posting a few images, so if you really have nothing better to do this week, and do not mind posting a picture of yourself in the place you do computer work, just let me know.

Mostly done is “Students Communicating Visually: Publishing Digital Photos with the jClicker Slide Show” about the use of our jClicker slide show template by a class of computer graphics / digital photography students. Well heck, that one is pretty much done, so go ahead and take a peek. Just do not go blabbing it around, capiche?

Anyhow, during the conference, I am asking participants to email me a photo of themselves– I am hoping for an interesting collection as there are participants form around the world. Anyhow, see the section where I request the images and if you want to give it a go… well give it a go.

The other one is a “featured presentation” on PhotoBlogs: Publish and Build Communities Around Digital Images and I will be showing uses of sites such as Buzznet, FotoLog, TextAmerica, and the slick new one called Flickr, in addition to walking through how photos are sent via mobile phones (“moblogging”). The same instructor above also has his advanced students creating Buzznet photoblogs for posting their class work, and I have some audio interviews with them I will weave into the mix.

Anyhow, this one is not quite ready for prime time, as I am doing this is a Breeze show, and am way behind on production. If some one or more than one out there is interested in posting an image to a Buzznet gallery I created for the conference, give me a private yo. I would like to have a decent collection before unleashing it at the conference.

Now if I could dodge a few meetings this week, I’d be wagging my tail….

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