Not a Big WordPress fan

Just stumbled into LiteraryMoose, who minces no words about The Misery of Open-Source Software or Why I don’t Use WordPress

This document collects some thoughts on WordPress 1.2, supposedly the greatest invention since sliced ice cubes. What they claim on their front page, is argued point by point, based on my personal experiences and the hell I encountered trying to convert CSS Destroy to Wordpress-powered management.

Those with short attention span can stop reading here. The above paragraph is all you can take in one go. You can form your opinion now; no need to read the remainder of the document.


I like! This is blogging with bite!

Don’t yell at me, I am only quoting, but WordPress fans are likely foaming at the mouth.

I am always wary of people who are married to their tools, whether blogs, Macs vs PCs, Flash vs Director, Blackboard vs WebCT, PowerPoint vs…. well I guess there is no real “vs” there.

It is not safe to forge such permanent attachment to tools. They will let you down if you hang on too long or do not keep your eyes out for better relationships, or you will fail to recognize your co-dependence. Don’t be a tool-head or bride of one.

I curse and cuss MovableType as much as I love and persist using it. I will not keep with it forever, and some day the divorce papers will be filed. Who knows who my next object of blog affection may be, but for now, we are getting along fine, without any counseling.

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  1. Yeah, I use WordPress now, and it works OK. I used MT before and it worked OK too. They both have advantages and disadvantages. Macs vs PCs though, that’s another thing…

  2. If I can co-opt a line from the author of the Mutt mail client: “All blogging software sucks. This one just sucks less.” (I think wp sucks less than others.) I’ve used plenty of free software; if I don’t like a particular piece or find it doesn’t meet my needs, I just don’t use it. I’ve never found it necessary to produce such a diatribe. I hope Literary Moose finds what he’s looking for.

  3. The English in that piece makes it unintentionally hilarious, like an Onion parody that should be intoned with a heavy accent. The meat of the article is a bit ripe given that his whole problem is based on a false premise, using a tool in a way not meant to be used, expecting instant assistance, etc.

    But I’m with you in one respect, at least. Blogging with some attitude is far more entertaining than the link-echoing pap that is so prevalent. Better to be lound and wrong than right and boring!

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