In preparation for some workshops during my November 2004 visit to some colleges in the Auckland, New Zealand area, I am launching an “inverted” version of the main CDB as the “CogDog(kiwi)Blog” (perhaps here after acronymed as CDkB?):


Being on the opposite side of the globe, the new blog has the trendy blac kbackground, and most colors in the style sheet have been inverted. Also, my dog “Micky” has been replaced by a New Zealand Huntaway.

Thanks to the great folks at UNITEC I will have this server as not only home for blogging this experience, but also hosting local versions of software running here, including Feed2JS, the Maricopa ePortfolio, the MLX, and more. This should be popping up in the next 6-9 weeks.

Howover, I am eager to announce to my colleagues over there, that they now have access to a local version of Feed2JS, installed at:


a mirror (more or less) of our site here in Arizona. So less time needed for feeds to zing back and forth across the Pacific Ocean. I am also using it to embed a feed from CDB to the right side nav bar “Recent Barkings From Arizona” on the CDkB (kiwi blog).

Have I lost you completely? I hope to be tinkering with some more interconnections now that I have a franchise in Auckland.

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