Wisdom Quotes Site- Smells Like a Blog… And It Is?

For those who have swirled around the blog-verse a while, the question of “what is a blog?” may feel archaic. But there are more than not who are just stumbling into it, especially now having been deemed a word of the year. And quite often you see blogs commonly referred to as “online diaries” relegating them to the status of teen angst and cat lover clubs.

Blogs can do quite a bit more- they can efficiently serve as simple web publishing tools for many sorts of sites, and often it may not be directly clear that a web site pops up that screams I AM A BLOG. For example, I have previously written of some experiments in using a blog as a platform for publishing the Low Threshold Application (LTA) site, and it might be soon ( as soon as we can backload old content), that the new version will be ready for human consumption.

And I came across another good example today… I was searching for some quotes to use in our family holiday letter, and got Googled over to a sub section within the Wisdom Quotes site, a collection of quotes. Something about the structure of the site seemed very familiar, and I could see that individual “entries” were not even time date stamped, but were just one quote, and were assigned categories for topic, and search pages are pre-filled with author names. It sure felt like a MovableType kind of place, which came more obvious in the right side bar of the front page.

I cannot say exactly why, but I do get a bit of a thrill in finding web sites fueled by blogs where it is not directly obvious at first glance. Do you know of others? I was thinking of the series of About.com sites It makes the blog-o-verse more exciting when it is not just “diaries” and makes the platform more acceptable to newbies.

Blogs that do not look like blogs at first click??

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