Pondering the Blog Change

I’m mulling over what many other quicker, maybe wiser, colleagues have done, and migrate my blog software from MovableType 2.661 to WordPress 1.5. It’s not critical, not urgent, but I feel it nagging at me. Last week I dumped a chunk of time trying to get all the perl pieces in place to use the captcha plugin for MT (actually mainly for other blogs on my server).

Trying to get the perl pieces in place for this plugin was a headache and a half. Tried to cpan the need GD.pm modules. First I was missing some sort of Test.pm modules…. oops, that was a missing piece of CPAN.pm that needed to be downloaded. GD needs the gdlib 2.0.8 or higher… and that was something I failed at via cpan and manually install. I did manage to install gdlib using fink via FinkCommander on this Xserve, but the hard part with that is that it places it in a directory that perl does not find by default. So than I tried adding the appropriate paths or “use” statements to get at GD.pm. I felt close, but perl thought otherwise as the plug in script kept bombing with detailed errors of “Premature end of Script headers”.

While chatting/complaining with D’Arcy, he emphasized how easy the move from MT to WP was for him, setting my wheels into motion. The WP features look very robust, so I am going to give it a try sometime soon. It’s time for a change. I don’t have time for it, but it’s time.

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