Love WordPress

I love it- four spam roaches exterminated with one deft motion:


Also quickly added the wplicense plug-in, an easy way to puff up your WP blog with a Creative Commons license, and it comes with a free whiff of AJAX!

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  1. Does that “mark as spam” do anything to predict future spam (a la bayesian filter)? I’ve been using it for some time and didn’t notice any difference in moderation duties until I started using the keyword blacklist.

  2. Todd,

    I’ve been wondering the same and cannot find any info in the WordPress Codex. I see in my database things are marked as spam. It might be you need one of the various plug-ins that can check comments marked as spam to work.

    I even got things with 200 URLs in although I have my limits set much lower in the options. My volume is still low, but that of course will change.

    Have you at least filled in the spam words field?

    The plug in is for WordPress, the server application, and has no connection at all with Apple.

  3. Alan, I have filled in the spam words field, which will hold comments in the moderation queue. I’ve also been using mod-rewrite trackback spam blocker for a few weeks, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good. Perhaps the WP team will build in a bayesian analysis tool in a future release or as you say a plugin might already address it.

  4. Todd,

    I just installed Spam Karma and it appears to be the tool to use. Very quickly, it allows you to set a bunch of different thresholds and adjust, and it appears to build a dynamic blacklist based on your moderation or actions in SK.


    WordPress seems to merely mark spam in your database when you moderate, and leaves the cruft in there, and likely just takes up space in the database.

    I just started using Spam Karma and will see how it goes.

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