Blink Goes The Server

Over the weekend our server light went dark. For most of the weekend, our whole Maricopa network was offline. There was no information actually communicated by our IT department, even after the fact. I only knew since our email server was not reachable, not our primary web server. Even after that, it took longer for the XServe that hosts this blog to re-appear, despite several attempts to do a remote re-boot.

So my apologies to the person or two who was for some bizarre reason trying to access this site rather than being out gift shopping, or those who’s sites were hung out due to Feed2JS being offline.

In the next few weeks, I am looking at some alternatives, most likely moving this blog entirely to my domain (htto://cogdogblog.com/ ) which is now a mere forwarding domain. I may move Feed2JS as well. I’d almost rather let some commercial entity take on the host responsibilities (and maybe have better uptime than our servers) and deal with hack attempts. I will not move anything without having ample re-direction of links.

Also, on the moving front, I’m doing my own reflection on my current status and perhaps testing the waters. More on that saga, next year.

So as life maybe slows down over the holidays, this blog my sputter long, or erupt explosively, or just continue an irregular gurgle of gack.

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