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It’s been 2 few weeks since we released the first online version of our MCLI iForum publication (see the background info blogged nearby). We are hoping to push the publication envelope to go completely online (the print button is in the reader’s hands) and using WordPress as a publishing platform.

Our timing was not optimal as it was during the ramp up to finals week here. However, even with the blatant red “i”, and what we thought were obvious invitations to respond to articles via the comments field, the response has been… well… not much. A major justification we prepared for this move to online publishing was the ability for readers to connect with authors (all comment notifications are sent to all credited authors, and we offer per-article email subscriptions to comment updates).

So I wonder… is it a fear of commenting? of making the first comment? Maybe the articles are not that interesting? Maybe everyone is out shopping right now?

Regardless, it would very much help if we had more article comments, to demonstrate to our authors how online publishing works, and to provide some stats for some of our internal critics who would prefer to stay with an old, expensive, mono-content, time-intesnsive, non-interactive print version.

As a favor, as a cheap holiday present for our authors, please find an article in the iForum, and send a comment.

Comment spam roaches need not respond. We have Spam Karma 2 standing on patrol. Along with a big old steel toed boot.


Comments here?

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  1. Hi Alan,

    Grades are in, but not every project has been put to bed, even to unquiet rest :), but I hope to get a comment or two in Santa’s iBag before long. Gotta help with the good fight!

  2. Hm. Not being a member of the Maricopa community, most of the content was — for lack of a better phrase — not applicable. Or at least appeared so. I DID read most of the Net Gen article and almost all of the Tinto work.

    As for commenting … um. I’m not sure how to say this …
    “I didn’t see anything I felt impelled to comment on”
    is probably the most accurate way.

    That might be ok for me — I’m not your target audience — but it may also apply to your folks there. Just something to think about.

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