The Duke- a 2.0 Thing With Meaning

Finally- something with a “2.0” on the end that has substance! My first tech task of 2006 has been the upgrade of CDB to WordPress 2.0 the “Duke” release.

There should not be any noticable difference from your view, dear reader, as apparently most of the enhancements are under the hood. I avoided the excitement and followed the upgrade instructions to the letter, including making a proper database backup (actually I have scripts that do this nightly, but also did a mySQL dump via PHPmyAdmin as well as made a copy of the database there too); made a backup directory copy of the blog, de-activated all plugins.

So far so good, time will tell. Supposedly there may be some performance enhancements as database queries were optimized in the new version, and I am getting used to the new admin interface. The new HTML editor is ok, I usually compose in ecto, but wanted to see how the new inside face worked.

They’ve done a bit of AJAX smelling stuff in the Dashboard, cool. I gotta learn some of that. I’ve yet to do any of the upload tools in the interface which is rumored to have a not so smooth go.

This version will likely have some more impact for our WP published MCLI iForum especially on what is written as much more flexibiltiy in assigning user level options- gone are the arcane numbers and now it will be much more role based, which is what I wanted to provide for remote authors to write new article drafts.

Also on the blog change front, there may be some radio silence later this week as I am planning to move the entire enchilada to its own server, with a shorter URL, offered to me by a kind colleague. The move part should not take long; it’s more with waiting for DNS changes to go into affect. Have no fear, forwarding links will be provided, and I will set up transparent web server re-directs that will make the experience seamless.

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