I’ve been trying to use coComment, the tool that allows you to keep a record of your “distributed” blog conversations– by activating a bookmark when commenting elsewhere, coComment stores it on their site,a dn then submits it normally to the blog you are jabbering about. This way you can track conversations by visiting your coComment page (or by using its own RSS feed). Here is a peek at my little bit of coCommeting:


This saves the trouble of having to remember to return to a blog entry to see if anyone responded to your stellar remarks, and avoids having to get email reminders (and not all blogs even offer than as an option). The nice thing is in the view there or via RSS you can track the other responses, not just your own.

Actually I am getting more use out of my coComment RSS feed in my aggregator, I have visited the web version maybe 2 or 3 times.

I like it so far, but…

I cannot always remember to hit the JavaScript bookmarklet tool to activate the coComment feature. My first two weeks my success rate was about 40%, and maybe now I am up to 60% or 70%. I would think this is a prime target for some clever coder to create a FireFox Greasemonkey script that would make it automatic (I know nothing about the monkey writing). I too am wondering about whether it makes sense to coComment my own comments on my own blog, since it has its own comment RSS.

I am trying to coComment but am having trouble coRemember to coActivate the coTool. Maybe I need some coDependence.

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  1. Well yes, that’s what I do.

    But I have to keep remembering (and my brain is awfully leaky these days) to trigger this. There ought to be a clever way to automate is what I am after. Humans, self explicitly included, are pretty fallible.

    Can I back coComment something I forgot to do in the first place?

  2. OK, between this post and your latest one on distributed conversations (and watching Joe loving CoComment at the next desk) I’ve been shamed into hopping this train. This will be my first attempt.

    Hey, is it OK if I reproduce (with attribution and a backlink) your latest posts on distributed conversation and on Social Software in action on the Social Learning site (nearing its unveiling)?

  3. Brian,

    It ain’t no shame, and my path is right behind many others.

    Use any and all posts where you wish, w/o needing to ask (creative commons doo-dad is in my footer).

    Cannot wait to see the new site

  4. the greaemonkey script that D’Arcy points to is the ticket; I signed up for cocomment a few weeks back but always forgot to hit the button, now greasemonkey takes care of it for me. Ah, greasemonkey, where would we be without it 😉

  5. Hmm,

    I’m not having any luck getting the script to work.. What’s the steps? I installed new greasemonkey (my firts monkeying around), went to the URl chirs provided, selected “Install This User Script”, and restarted Firefox.

    I’m not finding the coComment badge appearing on any screen.

    Oh waiti a minute, I tested by just commenting on gardner’s blog, and the badge never appeared, buy my coComment page was updated. So is it completely transparent? Nice. I hope.

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