Northern Voice

Opening pieces of Northern Voice 2006. I would have thought the auditorium would be a wee bit more packed.

First up was Starting with Fire: Why Stories Are Essential and How to Blog Effective Tales by Julie Leung. There was something very refreshing in the presentation style (pure images, a pointed presentation lacking word bullet points. The imagery was moving, but it seemed a bit to go more on about the virtues and values of storeis and less about how stories are donw via blogs. There were a handul of blog examples tossed up at the end (hope I got the URLs correct):

I would have liked ro see more on this and the hows, methods, etc. She did offer up a delicious tag stream of references:


The next headliner was Sifry on the Blogosphere, Dave Sifry interviewed by Tim Bray. Now these are headliner names, and there were a handful of memorable (well I thought they were) on spam, the future of networks, but all in all, I got little out of this. It was pretty much a commercial focus, advertising, etc. All this talk of the web as an eoosystem, and I thikn someone should tell the big residents that us little insetcs crawling arounf on the forest floor are not doing this for revenue, for fame, etc.

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