As I clean up my web site directory, 14 years of accumulated stuff, I start wondering just how many web sites I had set up for our offices’ various projects and events. Not to be horn blowing, but I am staggered to see that I found 260 different event web sites dating back mostly to the late 1990s.

In the early days, these were hand spun HTML, lots of table tags, and pretty much static information. Around 200, when I picked up PHP, I came up with a series of scripts I could more or less copy/paste to do online event registration using static text files. These worked well for capturing registration, sending emails to participants, providing exports to our staff’s FileMaker databases, but there was continual minor changes on every iteration. Moreover, by being essentially separate little database, we had no way to do overall stats, and worse, for each event, a participant would keep having to re-enter their name, college, phone, department, etc.

So in August of this year, I rolled out a database managed system where once a person registers for one of our events, the next time, they just enter their email (we fetch their contact info from the database), and registration is just a once click deal. Plus they get email confirmations, with links they can use to self cancel their registration.

Still, the event details, agendas, sometimes extra resources, mean that beyond registration, every different web site had some to a huge amount of customization. For my own vanity sake, and maybe for an extra boost of Google points, I have listed the big pile below.

Among my personal favorites, though, are:

But here is the big bad list that gave me an acute case of Eventicitis:

9 Faculty Convocations Convocations

56 Dialogue Days

25 misc events

14 Fine Arts Events

10 Ocotillo retreats

7 Ocotillo technology Visioning Forums

39 Ocotillo Online Learning Group meetings

28 Ocotillo Action Group Events

4 Other Large Ocotillo Events

4 Adjunct Faculty Professional Groth Events

4 Faculty Interns In Progress Showcases (each with custom slide show)

4 Honors Institutes

48 Honors Lecture Forum events

8 MCLI LearnShops (offered multiple times)

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