Sometimes Generation Gaps Are Not So Wide

With all the talk about the Net generation being so vastly, genetically different from… well everyone else, I try to avoid falling too much into the quick generalities. It’s too easy to apply labels when, as people, we are all on some sort of continuum. Like others, I have a live in subject to study.

I enjoy exceptions to rules.

Yesterday, I walked past 22 year old step-son’s room, where, in contrast to the usual… um.. harsh metal, I was surprised to hear the sounds of something in my iTunes rack, Highway 61 Revisited.

I asked Travis, “Are you listening to Dylan?”

He smiled and said, “Everyone ought to listen to Dylan.”

This generation is not always as foreign as some might think.

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  1. When my 15 year old son plugged his IPod into my car stereo and asked me if I liked Bob Dylan and then proceeded to play Highway 61, I was encouraged. When he agreed to burn me a CD, I knew there was hope. If the next IPod in our family is for me, then I Shall Be Released.


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