Hardware Serenity Prayer

I don’t know the words, but am ready to make them up.

Apple, grant me the serenity
to accept the firmware I cannot change;
courage to update the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Maybe not.

This morning, I installed the latest firmware update for my MacBookPro, and worked through the morning. Over lunch, I began installation of a new copy of Adobe Creative Suite. Disk one went fine, but after inserting disk 2, the fan and disk spun, and then lapsed into silence.

A long silence. No muse clicks would do a thing.

So I forced a bard reboot (apple-contril-power), held down the mouse key to eject the Adobe disk.

Still frozen. No clicks would do a thing.

Insert the OSX Install DVD, another hard reboot, hold the “c” to boot from the CD. Whew, at least the system worked here. Ran the Disk Utilities and it fixed an “Illegal Name” red line under “Checking Catalog”. Fixed that. I thought.

Reboot again. Nada. Froze city.

Tried to boot again with my Disk Warrior, but had managed to put in a another, non system disk, so it booted as normal. Rats, I’d be doing ti again.

But wait a minute, the mouse and icons are responding! It is alive!?

What am I doing now? Blogging from my iBook as I back up all my files to DVD-R.

I could find nothing on the Apple Support discussions (update- see below). Do I go on like this 90 minute exercise never happened? My only wild guess is some interference from my Bluetooth mouse, which is ow off? That does not even seem to make sense.

Serenity, anyone?

Update: Based on comments below, I found the culprit is Adobe CS2, especially Version Cue and possible Acrobat. Not that one could easily determine so from Adobe’s or Apple’s site. I had heaps of install trouble with the Adobe installer- one the second try (to get PhotoShop installed), again the installer just froze down my screen after insterion of disk 4. the software did actually get installed, but the little nidbits of files needed to activate my software did not. Online and phone activation failed, so I had to call and have someone read me FTP coordinates to download some cryptic files.

This has been way too hard.

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  1. CS2 is the culprit. I’m looking for the reference; I saw it today somewhere. Check the discussions on Apple’s site. Try booting into “safe mode” (which I think is booting while holding down the shift key). I’ll post back if I find something.

  2. Indy and Spencer would *love* the bones! ;-)

    It seems like the startup items are the kickers. I’ll be watching this closely; I’ve just ordered a “BlackBook” and I think I’ll hold off on this update until Apple and Adobe get their act together.

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