My Technorati Feed Smokes Crack

Well, not exactly true. I made it up for the purposes of sensationalism.

I have a fair idea what Technorati does at a conceptual level, and used it in the past for things like conferences where bloggers may actually use the same tag. Their data lets us know the blogosphere is expanding at a rate that will soon encompass the edge of the universe where the lingua franca is not English.

I cannot say I use it on much of a regular basis, but shyly admit I have my own vanity feed as it is rather interesting when a blogger you never heard of is writing about to linking to you. For all the blogging effort, our egos need regular feeding, I admit it. Actually I like checking in on these remote connections, as it is a social network capability that did not exist BB (before blogging).

But mostly, my technorati feed is a mishmosh of mostly blogs that perhaps have a link in their sidebar (and what happens that triggers a fresh TechnoPing?) I get some things popping up that are from blog posts that are months old, and some that make a trip twice. So the whole thing is a bit mysterious and shrouded in techno fog. I seem to get a better set by looking at the Dashboard of my WordPress blog.

So I am not criticizing Technorati, nor am I sullen because I am not in the Top 100, 1000, 10000 or 10000000000. I just do not even partly understand what it does, but my feed does seem to stagger around like it was on something.

Maybe it’s just me.

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  1. I too have had problems with technorati keeping track of the number of links to my blog. At first I thought it was something I was doing. Then I thought I needed to let go of my curious desire to see who was linking to me. Then I got an email from their support desk saying, in effect, sorry! we’re overwhelmed and can’t keep up!
    Either way, I’ll keep checking back to see where folks are coming from.


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