Grab Bag Travel Observations

Today I am in transit to Cleveland for the 2006 NMC Conference. After being in the odd world of Second Life a bit more this week, it was surreal to watch the real avatars here on First Life. On the way…..

* Cell Phone Bubble Violations
Ahhh, the old days, when a telephone call was a discrete private activity. In the quiet among strangers of a SuperShuttle ride to the airport, the woman in the front seat was kind enough to share here personal details…. “Didn’t I tell you to check the air fare rates every day? Do I have to do everything for you? … No, dummy, i did not email it, I left the file on your desktop. I tried to print it, put you are out of ink. Buy some damned printer ink! Buy some damned printer ink! Buy some damned printer ink! … [deep raspy smoker’s laugh] Can you believe it will be 60 there? It was so freakin hot here, I had to sleep naked. [more laugh] … OhMyGod! I tool your wallet by mistake. Hope you don’t need it HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA….”

Geez, thanks for sharing. Loudly.

* Arm rest Aggressor
The lady sitting next to me has her elbow firmly planted on the arm rest, and is well over the line into my personal space. And she’s asleep.

* Laptop Warrior
The guy on the window seat has a Dell laptop open the whole 4 hour trip. And he plays Solitaire non stop.

* Who Reads the Stuff?
I saw another dude reading cover to cover the Sky Mall catalog. I hope he decided to order the complete Zero Gravity Chair set or the Executive Digital Shower Organizer.

* Free Advice
I asked one of the attendants for some extra water when I went to the restrooms. She commended me for drinking extra water since,'”it helps when you go our drinking all night.”

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