Not that it matters on any cosmic scale, but for what it’s likely not worth, a blog funk has settled slowly in ’round here.

I’m up to my ears in various web dabblings, way behind in checking out cool new stuff from elsewhere and others, still waiting for may MacBookPro to be fixed, still waiting for my lame hired contractors to finish work on our pool, not desperate enough to blog the weather (118 degrees last week in Phoenix, summer rains finally came Sunday night), lying about not blogging the weather, not running enough or at all, not feeling much inspired to take photos, just… funk.

Nuff said (or babbled).

Might be back later.

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  1. yeah. a lot of that funk stuff going on… I hadn’t taken a picture in over a week, then binged on that sunset photo shoot. actually, that felt pretty darned good.

    still, it comes down to one thing. it’s your (and only your) blog. if you don’t feel like posting, that’s cool – just means your outboard brain is refreshing itself.

    see what happens when the heat drops back down into double digits for awhile. I’d be a useless heap of flesh if I had to endure that insane level of heat for more than 10 minutes. I mean, that’s sauna hot. throw some water on the rocks, relax, and have fun! :-)

  2. About the funk: dinna fash yersel’ (“don’t fret”).

    There’s a quip attributed to the Algonquin Round Table personality, Robert Benchley: “With my masterful command of the English language, I said nothing.”

    Sometimes that’s best… I agree with D’Arcy: if you don’t feel like you have something to say, don’t say it.

    No one is ever going to accuse YOU of slacking.

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