Still Head Scracthing at Technorati

I still cock my head sideways, stare at Technorati, and wonder, just what the bleep does it do?

Watching this blog’s ego feed, weeks went by and none of the “new” lights came up in my RSS reader. Then, some start dribbling in, but a few links are ones I had seen weeks ago, and some pop up again and again as new 4 days in a row.

Then come the interesting links to sites that I can smell have no relationship– these pop on and off, hopefully as they are being sprayed with hot pepper:


The title for the item extended is left for the reader’s imagination. This was replaced an hour later with:


So my best guess is that Technorati is some sort of random link accumulator.

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  1. I see this happen occasionally and sometimes, if I’m quick enough, I catch the link-farm/spam blog or site that has posted the link. Everything looks OK for your site at the moment, but those things come and go.

    Old sites coming back is a much more common and vexing problems and has to do– as far as I can tell– with the algorithms Technorati uses to tell if a link is new… often a site redesign or template changes will result in an old link showing as new.

  2. Chris, It’s really not a bog deal to me, and more of a curiosity. Technorati gets a lot of press for their blog stats (yes the blogosphere is doubling every 3 hours!!!) but here at the small time blogger level, I just have a hard time understand the links they claim point to my site.

    The site returns are less of a mystery- it most likely has to do with the various ways blogs “ping” technorati, and a simple thing like a MovableType rebuilding of archives and indices might just as well generate new pings. More problematic is the number of links that appear that are not really links to specific posts, but blogroll links.

    It’s just weird, and I sometimes have time to look and wonder. And gee, the notion that some xxxxxxxxx extneder site at 444444pills.com links to me is just such an ego boost 😉

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