Firefox 2.0- If At First You Don’t Flash….

I just saw a link somewhere that Firefox 2.0 was out in the open. Apparently the version 1.5.x I was running does not recognize this as an “update”, so I grabbed a fresh one.

Hmmm, a few of my extensions are not there in this version. The interface changes seem to have added what the old TabMix plugin added. Okay.

But then weirdness. No YouTube videos (maybe not a loss according to most pundits who proclaim, without evidence, that “99% of it is crap”), and other sites were coming up blank. Ahhh, it was not displaying Flash content, even after a fresh plugin install. What to do? Why waste time sifting through forums, FAQs, etc when the path to most answers are but a focused Google search away.

Bingo! Got lucky, first hit has the answer in the Firefox 2.0 release notes.

Some users have reported problems viewing Macromedia Flash content on Intel Mac computers. To work around this problem, users can remove or move the PowerPC version of “Flash Player Enabler.plugin from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins.

That did the trick! Now I am able to test out the snarky Mrs Dewey Search engine.

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