A 10 Minute Task That Ate 2 Hours

I sat down to the computer tonight to take care of some quick tasks. What a cool surprise in that one of by blog run projects, the NMC Virtual Worlds site got included in a list of “Truly Unique and Outstanding Blogs” (Ouch, sounds a bit like a 5% Point thang).

Taking a peek at the site to make sure it was okay, I was surprised to see the public one was running WP 2.0.6 as I thought I had done a 2.1 upgrade… well I had done it on my local test machine, but never got to updating the main site. And a good thing I dawdled since my local copy was the dangerous 2.1.1 version.

And than I got fuzzy on the template changes I had to wrangle due to a few database changes in the new code. And I forgot my custom function I bury in the wp-includes/functions.php (I know, bad form). Then I realized a few of my custom database queries were pulling weird things for getting all of the pages, as I was also getting artifacts for the uploaded images (had to add a “AND post_type=’page'” into my SQL).

The last stubborn bit was the lack of display of my Google Reader shared headlines for the news page. The code worked (plunked the javascript src= url in a browser. I never use the Rich Text Editor. Searching the WordPress Support site for “javascript page” (I had the Javascript in the content of this page type) landed red herrings (or purple suckerfish).

In desperation (the WP support search engine sure seems inconsistent), I just searched on “JavaScript” and found out the JS in pages and posts were now verboten. Fixing it was not too hard, just created a new template, and stuffed the JS in the template.

Now to make up for lost time…. what should I do?

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