404 Cats

In this way, twitter has a kinship with flickr, in terms of having a wisecracking interface:


I bet this kittie’s name is “Bill”. Back at Maricopa, we had a computer tech in the 1990s named Bill whose method of fixing a computer was to pop open the case and whack the hard drive with a screwdriver (ok, he did it once, I thought it was strange, but I think he fixed it).

Cats in the server Grrrrrrrrrowwwwwwl.

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  1. The screwdriver-whack trick worked — or at least it did in the late 1980s. That’s how I used to fix my uppity IBM PC.

  2. I once had a telephone tech support person guide me through a problem with a PC hard drive, in the days when 30 megabytes would cost about $300.

    At one point she had me nudge the bottom of some circular plate on the drive motor with the eraser end of a pencil.

    It worked.

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