My Big Left Toe is in Facebook

Last time I checked, the toe was into learning objects, but now it is FB bound? Why not. Flickr is in Facebook. Slideshare just entered Facebook. Twitter has been there a while. My dog is in there. The parade goes on and on.

I am nodding in agreement with Stephen with some skepticism as to the impact of so many social network things surrounding us.

tied up in wires

Tied up in Wires flickr photo by zoethustra

But I am in torn. On one hand, I am impressed with this ability of a web social network that allows you to customize it with plug and play widgets that connect with other web content. It does it in a very slick manner. I wasted about an hour one day adding all the places I have been to my travel map. It was addictive. The ease of expanding your social network is honed to a fine art.

On the other hand, it is being done so with its own code pieces, not quite the tinkerable approach I grew to love using RSS.

On the other hand, the banshee screaming will rise even more since all of these systems bag you with notices by email. I am ignoring abouty 98% of twitter requests, I attend to facebook ones about once a week, LinkedIn maybe every 2 weeks, and I am at the point to tell Ning to talk a flying leap.

Maybe it sounds grumpy, and I am still a huge proponent of social networks (the Twitter addiction needs hourly feedings) but there is some limit for all of us out there when we start pulling back from every offer. That’s not really a bad thing

No, Bleetzork Ziddlebutt, I do not want to be your friend.

Now excuse me as I need to go and check the friends updates for my big left toe.

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