One Nice Feature Among Many in WP 2.3…

I’ve barely had time to breathe much less update all of my WordPress powered sites, but noticed today one small feature I’ve been waiting for… I was actually, for no logical reason, setting up one more new WP powered web site for NMC, not quite ready for prime time. But what is cool is the plugins page now informs you when a plugin has a newer version available:


Until now you would have to check each plug-in home page to check. Nice.

Other goodies lurk under the hood- tags for posts built in — and it looks like it will import tags from old plugins (like Bunny’s technorati tags I have used a bit) and some other enhancements for dealing with blog post URLs.

For CogDogBlog, the changeover is easy, as the Dreamhost one click upgrades make it a no brainer; my corral of NMC blogs will take the old manual approach, unless I can channel D’Arcy’s suggestion of using Subversion.

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  1. I don’t actually use subversion on my own blog for updating WP. I just curl wordpress into a temp directory and run cp -R over top of what’s already installed (after backing up, of course). Takes only a couple of seconds, and the site’s updated. touch wood.

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