You Had Me at Dog


I could barely ignore an appearance of a new site called Inside a Dog, a new site from Victoria, Australia aimed at promoting youth reading and interesting in writing and those lovely old fashioned portable content devices called “books”.

But what a clever web theme (yes, I am biased)- that a program all the way in Australia will build it around a quip of a US comic. Gosh, over here, the equivalent program might be a drab acronym or something corny like “Reading 2.0”. When was the last time something here was built around an Aussie pop culture reference (aside from the crocodile hunter guy)?

Lintribution to HeyJude

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  1. And Crocodile Dundee and Outback…hmmm…that’s all about consumerism, too.

    We’re not big on using outside references, it seems. It’s even taken a long time for British euphemisms to be granted mainstream status.

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