Pulling AdSense from a Plain Domain

This falls into the category of “curiosities raised from idle web wandering”. I just noticed after not looking at it for a while at how much stuff (or crud or crap) I have running down the sidebar of this blog. Its stuff I pretty much ignore, as likely do others.

I do get some self enjoyment out of my Clustrmap, which accumulates stats on visitors and where in the world they come form (or where in the world is their IP number assigned).

As a cheapskate, I have the free version, loaded with Google Ads. Those are alos things I can look at and totally ignore. Any AdSense micro-payments I may have clicked/contributed were likely accidental faux clicks.

But I’m looking at the ads on my clustr map, and wondering how they are selected? On a normal web site, I gather there is some top secret algorithm that analyzes the content so select the ads, but on this page, the only sniffable content is the name of my site, cogdogblog.com.

So what is sensed is:

  • More Video and More News (CNN blog widgets) – that would be blog
  • Paw Print Pet Supply- that would be dog
  • $72k Blogger Reveals All (get rich blogging, not like me!) that would be blog
  • Dog Training Video – that would be dog
  • Pimp My Profile (free backgrounds..) – that might be blog
  • Tired of WordPress? offering something “easier to work with” (heck no) – that would be blog
  • Christmas WordPress Theme (good the whole year, eh?) –
  • that would be blog

  • Dog Training Video (in case you missed the first ad)- that would be dog

So its sense out ads on “dog” and “blog”, but sadly, my cycling fans, comes up empty for “cog”.

Even more so, none of this really hits anywhere close to the “dog” and “blog” content I may actually write about.

I’m not tossing any criticism the way of AdSense, and maybe I am missing out on the riches by not adding it as more crud to my site. This just struck me as interesting as to what ads can be pulled out merely based on a domain name.

Something about the 1% rule that makes those sleazy guys get fabulously dirty rich selling knives on late night tv. But this blog/dog/cog has no business bones about him.

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  1. Ha, your site is not bad in terms of crud in the sidebar. Some blogs actually bring my browser to a screeching halt with all the flash widgets they use. I redesigned my blog to look like gmail because even I got tired of all the crud.

    Weird about adsense, though; the sites I’ve used it on it has served up pretty relevant ads.

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