After Gamma Comes Love

Long time readers know my deep, obsessive love for flickr. Since I recently trolled by del.icio.us past, lets roll my flickr odometer back to March 29, 2004, when I uploaded my first flickr photo. I started exploring flickr at a time I was prepping a TCC conference session on PhotoBlogging. At the time I was dabbling a bit more in Buzznet though my account there is now deader than dead (well there is photospam, one reason I left it behind).

But there was just something, something, about that early flickr interface (at the time it was all Flash) with that Organizr thing. I got hooked early.

Currently, I have 4479 photos. That was about 1335 days ago, so I’ve been plopping about, oh, 3.4 photos per day. (“get a life!” say the hecklers).

But for the longest time, flickr hung a “beta” sign on its site, even when it was very stable and insanely popular.

Than, likely as a joke, a few years ago, the flickr logo dropped the “beta” tag to their logo.. and added “gamma”.



So peeking just now, there is no more beta, gamma, epsilon, zeta… it is now “Loves You”:


I knew it! For all these years I have been blogging my love for flickr, it is now requited.

Flickr, you complete me.

And the love grows even stronger that flickr now fully integrates with Picnik as the built in photo editor.

Love is in the air, and photos are being uploaded.

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  1. I also came across Flick in 2004. It was love at first sight. Started uploading beginning 2005 and have been enchanted ever since. Incredible people, photos and fantastic atmosphere. Flickr triggered in me a passion for photography.

  2. Hi Alan,

    This blog entry is just fantastic. I recently got into Flickr… I am just starting out, but I heard so much about it that it made me curious. Curiosity is my curse actually. I am a researcher at Leeds University in the UK and would like to get to know Flickr community better. Would it be possible to talk to you about your love affair with Flickr?

  3. Thanks Alan, unfortunately I am not the famous caterina… ! But I hope you are still interested in having a chat with me. Could I call you one of these days? I am based in the UK.

    Email me if this is still ok. Thanks!


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